"Imagination is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised. With good teachers, good props, equipment, and beautiful grounds, our Breezy Point students are provided with this exercise." Gale Wiik Owner/Director

Breezy Point Day School offers a complete curriculum for children one year old through six years of age.  This creative curriculum has been developed and refined over the years by our directors and the many long-term contributing teachers and assistants. All of our teaching is based on the latest research in our field. Teachers set up their classrooms so every learning style is successful.  Each year, we review and evaluate our curriculum via a parent and staff evaluation.  Children follow a flexible yet directed schedule that allows for a balance of group and individual activities. 

Enrichment Programs include Ballnastics, Music, Gymnastics, Spanish and Soccer Shots.  Each program is taught by a professional in his/her respective field.  These are all included in the tuition. Please call for the complete tuition schedule and see the current tuition on our Forms page. Call us to schedule your personal tour at (215) 752-1987 OR fill in the Contact Form on this site. We have a limited enrollment and classes are filling very quickly.  Below are some of the UNIQUE components of the Breezy Point Curriculum:


Artistic and Creative Experiences

Whether it is painting a picture with a helmet strapped to your head, or using tiny race cars to track over your paper, if there is a new and innovative way to experience art, our Breezy Point Teachers will find it!  Leaf rubbings, nature collages, goop, clay, easel painting and finger painting are all fun for the preschoolers. 


 The One and Two year old "Caterpillars"  love creating with dot art, shredding paper and easel painting.  The 3's love lots of glue and shiny objects to create their very own masterpiece!  Four year olds and Kindergarten students create using the woodworking Traveling Trunk. They love modeling dough and making 3-D anything. Fine motor muscles are developing and eye-hand coordination is improving all while our little students are creating.


Cultural Studies

One year old Caterpillars through our six year old Kindergartners all travel on a Fantasy Trip to different parts of our world . Classrooms are transformed for the trip and the parents contribute to the fun. Don't be surpised if you enter a medieval castle, or an Asian tea ceremony or dive under the sea when you enter your child's classroom at BP.

Spanish is taught to BP students ages three and above by a skilled professional.  The "Special" six week unit is full of music, language games and a fun fiesta.

Weekly Readers and "Scholastic News", "Let's Find Out" magazines are part of the curriculum at BP.  The informative articles from all over the globe add to the knowledge base for the children, staff and parents.  

Dramatic Arts


Children are guided by staff to expand their imagination as they create and explore the world around them.   Props and costumes are provided in our many "Dramatic Traveling Trunks".   Themes include:  Volcano/Forest, Gardening, Asian Culture, Ice Cream Parlor, Fairyland, Post Office, Camping Trip, Hawaii, Woodworking and Doctor's Office.


Children are provided opportunities to perform and speak in front of an audience several times a year-- learning a "life skill" which will be important as they grow.



Hands-On Science Curriculum


Dinosaurs, insects, under the sea, water play, tactile, perception, farm animals, wild animals, solar system, birds in flight and health are just a few of the themes explored with the hands-on props in our science curriculum. Teachers guide experiments which help students to think and problem solve.  The many  rolling hills and woodland of the Breezy Point campus provide a wonderful setting for learning about and living with the natural world.



Enrichment Activities


Spanish, Music, Gymnastics, Ballnastics and Soccer Shots are some of the special activities included in the Breezy Point curriculum. These programs are taught by instructors who are specialists in their field.  Each week of the activity, the instructor communicates what skills are taught and how they can be reinforced at home and in the classroom.

Family Participation


Our families are an integral part of Breezy Point.  The curriculum is enriched by the many parents who visit the classroom and share their cultures, careers and hobbies with our young students.  There are also opportunities for our parents to volunteer  through our Breezy Point Parent Club.  Parents are welcome to visit their child's classroom at anytime.

Hands-On Math Curriculum


Unique learning materials allow math skills to be developed and concepts mastered by hands-on learning.  Children expand their critical thinking and problem solving skills while "playing" with these materials.  Weights and measures, shapes, sequencing, matching and counting are some of the mathmatics units. Sorting games, going on a number hunt, measuring with yarn and unit blocks and enjoying "flap jack" math with a friend are just some of the creative ways children learn math skills at BP.



Building upon skills the children have mastered, our teachers provide their students with a literacy-rich environment.  Breezy Point has an extensive Literature Library consisting of over 300 award-winning books. This wonderful collection of books helps the teachers to find just the right book for the current theme in the classroom. 


Our older students are introduced to the "Handwriting Without Tears" program as they develop their writing skills.  From that first "scribble" to mastering printing names and words, literacy is a natural part of our Breezy Point Curriculum.


BP students score extremely well on the School Readiness Test for first grade after attending our Kindergarten Program.





Music Education


Music is part of our daily routine at Breezy Point.  Children enjoy experimenting with the sounds of many different instruments.  Multicultural instruments such as gourds, shells and drums are also included in our music centers.  Our goal is to develop the musical "talent" inside all of our young students. 


BP students participate in a six-week music "special" taught by a professional in the field.  The children are given the opportunity to perform the skills they have learned during special events throughout the school year.




Physical Fitness


Yoga postures, tumbling skills, parachute play, ribbon streamers, balls of all sizes, bean bags and hoops are just some of the fitness activities Breezy Pointers enjoy. During inclement weather, the children can create an obstacle course, dance with ribbon streamers, learn to juggle or practice the art of "Wii- ing" in our equipped GNU Building Specials Room.

Our "Gymnastics Special" is enjoyed by all BP students and culminates in a large Olympic Day extravaganza at the end of the school year.  Physical movement is a tradition at Breezy Point and with our beautiful campus and 5 playgrounds to choose from, Breezy Pointers are active participants. 

Playgrounds are the most UNIQUE at Breezy Point!



Outside play is an important part of our day at Breezy Point.  Our 85 acre campus offers nine play areas including our unique "BreezyTown", a child-sized town complete with firehouse, post office, market, bed and breakfast and lemonade stand to promote cooperation and a sense of community. "Wiiki Wami", a Native American Village with three large tepees, drums, stone climbers and a zipline, encourages children to exercise their minds and muscles as they experience how people lived long ago. Our youngest classes enjoy their very own "Barnyard" where they can develop their gross motor skills by climbing, sliding, pushing carts and riding cars.  Water play, bubbles and parachute play are all part of the barnyard fun.






Social and Emotional Development


 PLAY is so important to children in our busy world.  At Breezy Point the play is theirs to direct. The questions are theirs to ask and answer. Experienced teachers offer guidance, yet allow the students to "discover" the solutions.   Real world props, including those from various cultures help children learn through their play while having fun. Social interaction and respect for others in our community and around the world is the main focus of our social studies units. 



Special Days at Breezy Point


Special Event Days are plentiful at BP. Starting in the Fall we hold Visitation for our youngest students, parent conferences, the Halloween Parade and theThanksgiving Indian Princess Visit. During the Winter we hold our Holiday Sing-A-Long, Tooth Buddy Tales Puppet Show and a Poison Prevention Program. The Spring brings the Betty Bunny Hop, the Week-of-the-Young-Child Celebration, our Farm Festival, Spring Class Trips, and the Spring Sings. By the school year's end we hold the Camp Open House, Olympic Day, the Caterpillar Picnic and our Graduation Ceremony.  At the end of June we all head for SUMMER CAMP!

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